Cat Still Clings to Life In The Tree

Day 5, Night 4
It is going on night number 4 that my cat Pirate will probably once again sleep in the frigid cold temperatures, nestled and snuggled in the crook of a pecan tree branch. At the very top of the pecan tree, Pirate still remains in the same crook. She meows desperately out of cold, hunger and fear.

Earlier today, she climbed out on one of the skinnier limbs and I thought for sure the limb would break. I was almost hoping it would and we could run under and catch her. She lost her balance on the limb, and suddenly was suspending upside down from about 60 feet above ground. We stood ready to catch, when she suddenly turned upright and balanced herself on the thin limb once again. She then sought refuge back in the small crook of the tree.

If I had a dollar every time someone said "you don't see cat skeletons in a tree" I would be rich by now. True, I have never seen a cat skeleton in a tree, however, I have seen buzzards and vulchers perched high among the tallest trees. The thought of that sickens me. I feel helpless as she cries through out the day and night. I cannot process the thought of Pirate dying so high up,her carcass becoming a gourmet for the buzzards. South Carolina temperatures are not suppose to get below freezing this early in the year, but with temps dipping 14-18 degrees, I cant help but worry about hypothermia.

I have tried to entice her with salmon, tuna, and cat food, she remains in the tree. Several had tried to climb the tree, but its too high and too much of a liability risk. The fire departments no longer come out to rescue cats from trees. Their theory is "It will come down eventually. You never see a cat skeleton in a tree. Its just too much of a danger and we can not put ourselves in
the danger of risking our lives" Wait! What?? "cannot put ourselves to the danger of risking our lives?" Yea ok, like you don't do that when you are rescuing people from fires. That's beside the point, I understand they are trying to save humans not felines. But filled with desperation and anxiety I was rather put off by that statement. Tree services refuse to come rescue her..again, it too is a liability issue. One tree service agreed to do it for a fee of $500. I don't even know how to pronounce $500.

My husband took a remote control helicopter above tree level, to try and scare her down, it did not work. My husband and a friend climbed half the tree with a long pole to try and persuade didn't work. They tried hosing her down with the water hose, but the water wouldn't spray high enough. Only thing we have managed to do is scare her more.

Just as I was about to lose hope, calling her down, she looked at me with those big beautiful eyes she possesses, and I thought to myself, she has not eaten in 5 days. She has not felt the warmth of the fireplace, nor the comfort she often seeks on the back of the couch. She has not given up, she has not lost hope...why should I ?

My husband does alot of work for a car rental company who does have a bucket truck. He is going to call them tomorrow and ask is there any way we can rent the truck. The thought hit my husband like a lightening bolt at supper, but it was already too late in the evening, the business had already closed for the day. I will be calling others I can think for help as well.
My only hope now is prayer!
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  1. Multibrand Says:

    What an interesting experience. WOW!
    I hope it's not too late to wish a Happy New Year.
    Thank you for following my blog on Google's Friends Connect. I am now following your interesting blog too. Let's keep in touch.