Winter Wonderland

I had stayed up way past midnight, waiting on the first snowflake to fall. I was more excited than a kid at christmas. I love snow, and with the Weather Channel's metorologist predicting close to 8 inches, the excitement grew. It was hard for me to imagine 8 inches. Never in my life had I ever seen 8 inches of snow here in South Carolina. Most of the time we are lucky to get an inch.

When I woke the following morning, the bright, white fluffy substance covering the ground and tree tops was just too much to comprehend. I carefully stepped off my back porch and my foot sank through the fluffiness straight to the ground. It was a strange unusual feeling as I felt it would be never ending, falling into a deep hole or something. I tried to make my way to my husband's shed to get the measuring tool. I took long, wide steps, finding each step seemed to be more deeper. Once we found the measuring tape, we walked through the yard measuring different spots.

I woke Libby and Julie. Libby quickly got out of bed and dressed to go play in it. Julie, not a big fan, took her time. They had snow ball fights, built snow men, ran and fell down in all the fluff, made snow angels, simply just having the best time.

Our neighbors from up north came over making fun of us in all the snow and how us southerners take it to the extreme. They just didnt understand, we never had this much!

This is one snow I will never forget, not only was it just beautiful to see and play in, it was the best snow in my 44 years.

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